Thursday, December 27, 2012

A small reason to celebrate!!!

I've been really working on Breaking the Wrong since last month. And I swear, this book is destroying my emotions.
I could fall back on my sarcasm with Severine's book and with Emilia's story it's a whole different route. I love the challenge it gives me, but it also terrifies me.

So, I'm excited to say I'm HALF-WAY DONE!!!! 
(YES! Victory is mine!!)

I'm really hoping that within the next few weeks I can hand it over to all my beta's. Before you know it, Breaking the Wrong will be in YOUR hands!!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Brain. Is. Fried.

After Every Which Way was released, I was on this book high. I didn't know what to do afterwards. I kind of just roamed around my house like it was the first time I was ever seeing it. 
Probably because I was getting frustrated. Fast. 

I was working on Breaking the Wrong, but not at the speed I wanted. When I started Severine's story it really didn't stop until I typed, "The End." The second book is coming along, but it's practically making my emotions bleed out. 
Maybe that's really good or maybe I need help. :) 

But then I started thinking about Unravel... I've been pushing that poor book aside for the last few months. On my desk, Unravel's cover is right next to the Sloan covers and I really started to miss my characters from that series. 
So I started looking through it. And then I started taking things away, and adding parts in and I started to fall back in love with my first little brain child! 

Chances are, I'll probably release Unravel before Breaking the Wrong. I'm pushing for a release date of spring 2013 for Breaking the Wrong. I don't want that to change. 

But that means my brain is so fried. 
I've never written two books at once. For me, it's strange to switch from one set of characters to another. But I really can't get either story out of my head!! 

Soon, I want to give you all a snippet of Unravel. I want to show you Naomi, Ezra, and Alexander. I want to show you why I've had this story tucked tight to my heart for so long. 


Sunday, November 18, 2012


I think everyone has dreams. We all have something we hope we can achieve. I know I'm not the only one who allows those to get swept under the rug.
Life kinda scatters things and makes you distracted.

But this past week I did something I've waited for...YEARS! Today I accomplished MY dream!
I pressed publish.
The past few days have been kind of amazing. Some days I wanna vomit because I know Severine's story is out there for the world to see, but then I remind myself that I followed through with my dream.
Very rarely I can say that. I'm the girl that VOWS she's gonna work out every day for her New Years Resolution but then the next thing you know I'm watching Pride and Prejudice and I'm attacking a plate of cookies with a gusto. (True Story)

I was giddy the minute I sold my first book, it went crazy after that and now I'm in complete shock.

So, if you read my book. Thank you! Danke, danke, danke!! You've made one my biggest dreams come true!!
I've read every comment on Fb page. Every single one makes me tear up with happy tears.


Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Every Which Way Wednesday.

Earlier today, I had a freak out moment. Tomorrow is the first day of November. 
Freaking November
In 3 weeks Every Which Way will be in the readers hands!!!! AH!

So while I grab a paper bag and do breathing treatments, enjoy this teaser of Severine and Thayer, on The Indie Bookshelf!!! 

Click here for the snippet!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Every Which Way Wednesday!!

It's EVERY WHICH WAY Wednesday on, The IndieBookshelf!!!

Tonight it's all about secondary characters which I kind of LOVE!!!
So who is Severine with tonight?
The OLDEST Sloan brother, Mathias.

CLICK HERE! To read the snippet!! 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

It's Wednesday!!

And normally that would depress me. But it's Every Which Way Wednesday on The Indie Bookshelf, and so all's right in the world!! 
There are pictures, a playlist of a few songs I listened to while writing Severine's story and oh yeah...there's a teaser. A really yummy teaser! 


Click here for Teaser!!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Every Which Way Wednesday

Today is the first Every Which Way Wednesday on The Indie Bookshelf. For a few weeks, there will be snippets (so many yummy snippets) , pictures of the characters, and what songs motivated a certain scene!! 

I'm so excited about Every Which Way, and can't wait to show you the WHOLE book!!  So while Severine's story is with my editor, enjoy the snippets coming your way!!! 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Teaser Two of Every Which Way!!

In celebration over the fact that I'm handing over Severine's story to my editor... (Let's all jump up and down at the same time!!! squee!)
I'm giving you all small, small teaser!!

“Do I need to ask you?” Macsen asked with a playful grin. His light-green eyes were bright. They were going to raze her until there was nothing left. Severine was okay with that. He could get as close to her as he wanted. There was no need to run from him.   
  “Yes,” Severine said in a hushed tone. 
  “See me outside of class, apart from all this bullshit. I want to see just you.”
  Her smile slightly dimmed over his words. Macsen grinned, grabbed her fingers, and held them loosely within his grasp. His words took her off guard. Something furled around in her belly. It spread and reached for her heart, each time never quite grabbing on. 
  “Yeah,” she said slowly. “I’d like that.” 
  Something was languidly forming between them. They were starting to fit together. She was going to remember this moment. It was going to stay with her, without end. 
  The two of them walked back towards their table. Thayer’s eyes seemed to be waiting for her before she had rounded the corner. They always seemed selected in her direction. 
  Call it vicious, but she held his eyes. Right now, she was involved in the world’s longest staring contest. She was going to win. All of her attention was on Thayer. When Macsen's palm touched her lower back, she barely registered the contact. 
  What was worse than being around two Sloan brothers? Having one physical touch her skin, and the others gaze sear her to her very origin. He was too far to know or realize, but his gaze felt more real than skin-to-skin contact. 
  Thayer’s eyes flicked away from her body and back to his computer screen. He repeated the process five times. Each time she felt it rattle her body. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Teaser of Every Which Way!!!

I'm working very diligently on Severine's book. I promise!!! 
To prove it, here's a little teaser!! 

Thayer’s hand firmly held one of her own. Severine wasn’t going to look away. It was time to confront her biggest fear, perhaps her biggest desire, directly.
  He was simply a guy. But the way he was starring at her lips made him so much more than simple.
 “Can I tell you something?” Thayer asked quietly. 
Severine barely heard him. She nodded her head, and he smiled back lazily. Even drunk, he was gorgeous perfection.  
   “I saw you first.” He rasped out deeply.  “Remember that. I saw you first.”
  Severine, trying to keep the conversation light, smiled weakly. “At the coffee shop?”
  His head shifted back and forth, while his eyelids drooped down. Severine was waiting for him to pass out and drift off into a deep sleep. He shifted slightly. “I’ve seen you many times before that.” 
  She swallowed loudly, “When?” 
  “Around campus with your friend, Lilly. At a couple of parties.” Slowly, his lips rounded into a small smile. Instinctively, Severine held her breath. “You know, you’re like no other girl I’ve ever met? I love that you don’t put up with bullshit.”  His eyes poured out all of his secrets. Her heart was ruined. Without trying, she was falling for him. “You’re rare Severine. Just like your name. It’s impossible to forget you.” 
  She blinked over and over. Severine couldn’t reciprocate anything worth while. Her brain was mush. It was melting fast.  
 “Can I tell you something else?” 
   No, no, no. 
  Severine sucked in her cheeks tightly and nodded stiffly. “I stole Macsen’s phone, and texted you tonight.” 
  “So I was talking to you.” 
  “Would you have came over if you knew it was me?”
  Swallowing felt painful. “Honestly? No.” The truth had never tasted so bitter. 
  “Then you can’t be mad at me for being deceitful.”
  As she sat there in a state of confusion, Thayer drifted to sleep. Severine shifted away from his bed and reached over to cover him with a blanket. 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

A little sewer, a whole lot of writing....

Sewer and a book... sounds about right for my first blog post... ever. 

I promise the rest of my posts won’t make you want to dry heave... Follow me here, I’m onto something... 

My first book idea came from two things..
1.Conversation with my dad.
Inspiration number 1:
Have you ever had a conversation and thought, ‘How did we go from talking about the weather, to THIS?!’ 
Don’t lie. We all have. 
I’ve had those types of conversations with my dad, my whole life. He can strike up a conversation with a barn, fire hydrant, cashier at True Value. <----- That’s actually happened.... 
Yet I love him for it. 
Our conversation got the wheels in my head turning... A conversation about sewer...
You read that completely correct. 
We were driving when I commented on how bizarrely neat it would be to go back in time.  To see how everything was: their way of life, fashion, hairstyle, phrases... 
And then my dad said: “Calia, I don’t think that would be fun at all.” 
Dad: “Well, think about it. They probably didn’t have sewer systems back then. So their waste was probably just floating down the street.” 
(He paints a pretty picture.. doesn’t he?)
We moved onto a different topic, but I retained my desire to see different eras in my mind, and simply kept it there. 
Too late though! The damage was done. After that, I spoke with Joshua, and he encouraged me to write my idea out. I’d tell him all about my concept and he’d add in his suggestions, and support anyway he could. 
I tossed everything we discussed in my head like a hacky sack. I tried to find the viscous cons over the pros. Cons always win. But my curiosity shoved the negative thoughts out of the drivers seat and took complete control...
Inspiration number 2:
I love that word. 
No! I take that back. I’m obsessed with it. I realize that 100% solidifies my status as a complete loser. But I wear my loserism like a shiny little badge. 
My parents would rift through old photos. You know, the ones that are so old they’re yellow and have the distinct smell of moth balls..THOSE old photos. They’d go through them and answer my gazillion questions of: “Who’s that? What’s that persons’ name? What year was this?” 
I’d then proceed to stare at the picture, soaking in everything in front of me.  
As I delved deeper into my family’s history I found out some amazing things. Things I had never known! I also discovered some not so pretty facts and stories. A lot of tragedy. 
And I thought to myself, “What if I could go back and stop them?”... What if I could tell he/she, “Don’t do this! It’ll bring you so much heartache!” 
I’d love to have that button now. I’d probably have to go back 5 billion times in my own past......
That bright red time-travel button will never be created. However, my imagination can create whatever I want to see. So I took the two thoughts said above, and ran like a maniac.... 
So, here’s to my journey in discovering my stories, and weaving them the best way I can. Or in Naomi and Alexander’s case...  UNRAVELING them the best way I can!


Wednesday, July 11, 2012


This is my new blog! Join me as I share my love for reading & writing.