Sunday, March 26, 2017

Who is Figure Eight?

Cover by Cover Couture 
Figure Eight was published almost two weeks ago and my nerves are just now getting under control.

I want to think EVERYONE— whether you're a reader or a blogger,  THANK YOU for spreading the word. I know that I tackle a subject that can be controversial, and so it mean so much that you've all given Selah's story a chance.

The last time I was this anxious about a book was with Unravel. While that story wasn't my truth, I knew that there was someone out there that experienced Naomi's trauma. It needed to be written. Good and bad.

Figure Eight is based off a true story in my family. Something that I've thought about quite a few times as the years have gone by. Especially in the past year while I was fighting my own demons.

I won't go into details because if I do then I'll spoil the whole book for you. :)

It was incredibly catharic to write Figure Eight. Selah's story was created in early 2015. She was flawed and broken and I've always found that fascinating thing because we all are in alot of ways. But we don't become that over night. Something or someone—and sometimes our own decisions—create those flaws. As the story progressed, I quickly realized that I was becoming emotionally invested. A writer does with every character but I found myself relating with Selah on many levels.

When I reached the end it felt like a giant weight was lifted off my chest and I could finally take a deep breath. It was right around then that I realized that was able to incorporate a piece of my truth in the story. I know that the underlining meaning of Figure Eight is going to be hard for some people. They might believe it's not necessary. But I do.

If you give Figure Eight a chance, go into the story blind. Nothing, and I mean nothing, is as it seems.

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Monday, January 16, 2017


At the start of every new year, I like to give an update on what I'm writing on. This is always one of my favorite things to blog about; all the stories that I've been working on I finally get to let out into the book world. Well, details. Not all of it. :)

 I'm happy to say that I finished my 'secret book'.

I've been calling it my secret book for awhile. It has a title but I haven't said it yet. Guys, I LOVE THIS STORY SO MUCH. Words can't describe how obsessed I am with the characters and the meaning behind the book. It challenged me as a writer and while that can sometimes be stressful (okay. A LOT stressful) it's also incredibly gratifying. My heart was pumping as I got closer and closer to the end. Even though I knew what would happen I still questioned if the characters would make a 180 on me.

This story is different from what I typically write. I love romance, but I needed a break. There's only so many sex scenes you can write before it becomes a bit redundant. :)
Is all romance gone from this book? NO! It's threaded throughout, but this story is purely a psychological thriller.

I've been consumed with this book for a while and now that it's done I can't wait for everyone to read it. I'm still in shock that it's finished. I keep thinking about Selah (the main character) and everything that happens. I think it's because my favorite kind of characters to write about are the ones that are unreliable and broken. The ones that you can never figure out. And Selah is no exception.

I'll be saying this probably a thousand times before this book releases: I can't wait for you all to read this story!!

I don't have many books that are sequels. But it's safe to say that you absolutely have to read UNRAVEL to understand Lachlan's story. This book has been a long time coming and I have to say, I kind of like it that way. I've been able to think of the storyline without rushing and because of that the story grew organically.
Opening up his manuscript is kind of like meeting up with a close friend that you haven't seen in ages— we picked up right where we left off!
All the questions that remained at the end of UNRAVEL will be answered in this story.

Reagan's story:
You met Reagan in UNHINGE. I have loved her from the start. Her whit and lack of empathy are both refreshing and alarming. She says and does things that most people with a conscience wouldn't dare dream of.
I'm going to take my time with her story because I knew when her character came to life that she, out of all the characters, had the most twisted past.

I'm really excited about these projects and I hope you are to!